WERT DER DINGE design studio


We are Lena Hoppe (left) and Jessica Grömminger (right).

We studied product design together in Hannover and Halle and after many shared projects and interests we founded WERT DER DINGE in 2017.


WERT DER DINGE  is a design studio.

We invent furniture and products of daily life new,

set up temporary architectures in public and private space

and organise workshops named ZUSAMMEN GESTALTEN where companies or privat persons rethink their own enviroment and lern how to design it.



WERT DER DINGE means value of objects.


We use design as a tool to initiate cultural, social or political processes of change, bring people together and create sustainable values​.

In our actions or workshops in public space we show capacities to take an active role in the design process of your enviroment.





Proud People Oskar Wettbewerb, uvex 2015


universal design expert favorite 2016
universal design consumer favorite 2016

DreiV 2017

Kreativpioniere Niedersachsen 2017

Innovationsfond Kunst und Kulur 2018


© 2018 by Wert der Dinge

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WERT DER DINGE design studio